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Gateway to Inward Investment and Export agencies, Chambers of Commerce, Trade Associations and strategic Thought leadership opinion.


GoGlobal Trade provides unique insights and perspectives informing industry of trends, challenges, and opportunities, made up of data-backed articles that give a balanced presentation of different perspectives, and written by authoritative authors.

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Tenders (public sector)

Compiled as free-to-access for businesses looking to participate in government procurement processes globally, public sector tenders can involve substantial contracts with government entities.

Reviewing public sector opportunities can provide valuable market intelligence, helping businesses understand current demand and industry trends, through sourcing tender description, points of contact and other relevant information.

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Export promotion agencies

GoGlobal connects domestic exporters with potential overseas buyers by supporting and promoting a country's exports. Identifying opportunities in foreign markets and assist local businesses in developing their export capabilities.

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Inward Investment agencies

GoGlobal Trade supports businesses to setup, grow and scale by attracting new investment within their national economies. We provide strong support for business by delivering a database of agencies globally.

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Chambers of Commerce

Explore a global network that serve as a local point of reference that facilitate networking and events, allowing members to connect with other businesses, potential clients, suppliers, and industry leaders.

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Trade associations

Trade associations act as the voice of their members, creating a network for innovation and collaboration across national economies.

GoGlobal Trade facilitates sector specific networking opportunities that enable interaction with industry stakeholders globally.

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Financial Centres

Financial centres serve as hubs for financial activities, offering a range of services, including banking, insurance, wealth management, and asset management. Leading centres are at the forefront of financial technology (FinTech) and innovation, developing blockchain, electronic trading platforms, and digital payment systems technologies.

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Government Ministries

Direct interaction allows access to up-to-date information regards government programmes, policies, regulations, and services, so enabling informed decisions and compliance with relevant laws. Government departments also maintain data and research findings, useful for decision-making and analysis, and the hosting of events that provide opportunities for networking.

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Freezones / SEZ

Designated areas where goods can be imported, stored, processed, and re-exported with various advantages.

Benefits include duty and tax advantages, enhanced trade facilitation, and encouragement of foreign investment. Companies find it advantageous to set up operations within free ports to access a larger market while enjoying preferential treatment on customs.

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