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Founded in 1994, LMKR is a petroleum technology company with an extensive solutions portfolio that includes reservoir-centric interpretation, modeling and analytics software, mobile technology solutions, E&P data services as well as geoscience and information management consulting solutions - all focused towards lowering the risk associated with exploration and production of conventional and unconventional resource plays.
Farm Management Software capable of irrigation tracking field & crop management lab sample storage & analysis mapping field scouting and more. We are a team of ag professionals and developers working to build you the most intuitive and advanced farm management software you have ever used.
WinField® United has the technical know-how proprietary tools and research-based solutions you can trust for success today tomorrow and beyond. Look to us for the expertise you need to win in the field and in the marketplace.
THE COMPANY Virtuali is a Piracicabana company that serves residential condominiums and businesses with broadband access. We are extremely proud and respectful of what we do. Today we serve the cities of São Pedro Saltinho and Charqueada. In our staff we have professionals committed to doing their best by offering quality services compatible with those offered by large national providers. We work to find ways to improve, modernize and update concepts and services provided to our customers. We always believe that increased competition stimulates and improves the offering of services provided. The only Company that has in its structure the availability to supply equipment to the end customer with TDMA technology, the most efficient in high-speed data transmission. Mission: Take care of your customer by providing quality service. Vision: Acquisition of a solid portfolio of clients through building an ethical and transparent relationship. Values: Transparency Ethics Competence Responsibility and Commitment.
Valley Ag Software provides software for the Dairy Industry including DairyComp 305 and Feedwatch. Valley Agricultural Software (VAS) as the name implies is agriculture first and then software. While we are very proud of our software products we are a company born from agriculture. From the founders of the company to the management team to the support technicians there is a vast amount of production experience and knowledge gained the old fashioned way.
We are a software company focused on optimizing veterinary workflow with the help of tablet devices and applications. Smart Flow is a combo of iOS & web applications which changes the way veterinarians care about in-patients letting them focus on care rather than the paperwork. Visit us at
bridge to the profitability of your plant! The bioenergy sector presents a scenario of economic challenges requiring innovative and effective solutions. Pró-Usinas is a bridge to solutions that present proven results in the short term in increasing the efficiency and profitability of plants. Our role is to facilitate decision makers' access to solutions that allow plants to overcome market challenges and remain competitive and profitable. Pró-Usinas is an initiative of ProCana Brasil, the largest media and relationship events group in the sector, which has 27 years of credibility with plants in Brazil and around the world. Pró-Usinas solutions are made available through strategic partners with expertise and success stories recognized in the market.
With customers in more than 40+ countries PigCHAMP Knowledge Software is the most widely used pork production management software in the world. The PigCHAMP line of products is an integrated and innovative suite of powerful management tools for the swine industry. Used worldwide by producers veterinarians and management consultants it is the leader in swine data collection management and interpretation that gives you the clearest vision of your operation available today. Along with PigCHAMP products the company offers: Support - PigCHAMP continues to make improvements to our customer service and education. If you have questions there are a number of features that can be used to help you find the answers you want. Benchmarking - PigCHAMP is pleased to provide pork producers with new benchmarking information that is designed to help you compare your operation's performance with a range of industry averages. Training - At PigCHAMP we understand that learning a software program can be challenging. Because of this we created a variety of ways for you to learn how to use our program no matter your level of experience.
NUTRICONTROL is a company dedicated to research and technological development made up of professionals with more than 40 years of experience in automation and agricultural control systems. At NUTRICONTROL we manufacture and market a wide range of products for climate management, irrigation and fertigation control, and information technology and remote control. Nutricontrol is a company dedicated to Research and Technical Development. Professionals with more than 40 years of experience in automation and agricultural control systems. Nutricontrol manufactures and offers a wide range of products in climate control air treatment irrigation control fertigation and high tech wireless information.
Enhance our customers' results through professional software and solutions that meet the needs of the dairy segment in a simple and natural way.
Agricultural software to help farms estates and rural businesses manage records demonstrate legislative compliance and access management information. Software in the range includes accounts software sheep software cattle software Gatekeeper cropping software property payroll and single payment scheme software. Training and support is available. Farmplan also offer a range of I.T. equipment including PC's laptops EID stick readers and devices cattle passport barcode scanners computer networks along with I.T. support services. Farmplan is part of Proagrica a division of Reed Business Information Ltd.
ImageTrend is an award-winning software development company committed on designing the best Web-based applications. We work closely with our clients to give them the best software and service.
Comptoir Agricole du Souss is a computer software company based out of Comptoir Agricole du Souss Building Prefecture of Inezgane-Aït Melloul Souss-Massa-Draa Morocco.
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